Sunday, 24 November 2013

Spotlight on Ras Michael & the sons of Negus & the work of Daniel Heartman

Artist Ras Daniel Heartman (1942-1990?) became hugely recognisable by his work. He captured the essence of an emerging culture, captured a moment in time.

He stared in the film the Harder they come, alongside Jimmy Cliff.

I know very little about Heartman. He seemed to shun the limelight.. however, his pictures continue to adorn walls and tea-shirts.


  1. I love art, and these pictures really intrigue me. I'm going to check out more about Heartman. Thanks!

    1. I love art too Dana. Daniel Heartman had a wonderful gift. From the little I know.. he seemed a quiet and unassuming man. Possibly alot like the part he played in the film
      Hope you had a nice day! :)

  2. These portraits communicate a lot, don't they?
    AND - the ideals in the lyrics - golly, I wish I'd known this when i was still performing - Still, it's good to learn now.

    Shall i tell you how funny i am? I could play - and Spirit gave me a Voice - BUT, I had challenges with Reggae Rhythm - I was smart enough to hire musicians who could play what I dreamed about - (It's always best to hire people much better than yourself - smart, hm?) - Then, i would sing from my heart - and it would all turn out.

    Thank you again for sharing with me. i enjoy this - and, I am learning so much.

    Love & Love to YOU!

    1. I've heard you record Maggid and yes you can SING! Bless musicians.. I love 'em..
      Yes, when you hire people better than yourself, who can interpret your vision, it's a joy :)