Tuesday 28 June 2016

Britain's Identity Crisis ( how very British!) ft Flavour & Selebobo- Mmege Mmege

Does anybody know what's going on?
If so let me know please...
It's all quite bizarre

Britain votes to leave the EU
PM announces his resignation
George Osborne will not stand in Tory leadership contest ( against Boris?!... no way, besides... I wouldn't be surprised if they discussed and agreed it anyway)
Boris is now quite unpopular among IN voters
England loses against Iceland! and the England team manager resigns
Pound has fallen ( apparently)
...as long as it lands in my purse im okay :)
Nigel Farage continues to insult EU leaders to their faces
Asked about the rise in racist incidents his advice to the culprits is.. 'behave yourselves'..
Oh yeah .. there has been a reported rise in overt racism
As I write this at this very moment there is a very large protest outside parliament ( pro EU campaigners)
The Labour party is in turmoil with 80% of the shadow cabinet resigning (rude)
The Labour leader lost the vote of 'no confidence'
No outright leader to replace him but he refuses to resign anyway
'Scotland' is pissed off with England

Someone told me that they now see the British flag as a symbol of racism (you know that person was very young right)

This is beginning to resemble something which has been carefully orchestrated
Modern day Shakespeare where art thou..

As i read recently
'relax people.. nothing is under control!'
Yet somehow.. i believe it just may be.

Prior to this and even now, hardly anyone really knew much about the EU
Very few regular folk are economists and even they didn't seem to know much
Regular folk.. being asked to vote on something they know little about is like asking me to select the England football team for a major tournament
Chale..I'm looking forward to when this is all sorted out

For the past few years 'Britishness' has been high on the political agenda
what is it, why we need it , lets promote it
Few had the ability to define it
Well...something tells me that will become much clearer soon

So...why did so many people apparently vote to leave?.
Who knows... but failure to invest in communities is definitely proving to be a mistake, as ( EU aside) people often fear what they don't know.
Cultural Ignorance..
We live in a culturally diverse world where cultural ignorance appears to be the order of the day
Multiculturalism without integration?

Me? chale, nuh disturb me abeg...i'm watching 'love your garden'
..whilst simultaneously dreaming of a plane ticket to a beautiful place I've never seen before
and of course... enjoying Flavour

Here's a random fact:
I was a Brownie and later a Girl Guide.
I was a better Brownie than Guide, as my Brownie uniform had loads of badges, I earned very few as a guide.
I guess the uniform really wasn't cute enough to motivate me :)

NB - I'm soooo thinking of quitting the Labour party. I'm not exactly politically active and they irritate the backside outa me no end.


  1. The UK is a shambles. Everyone is now called it "Little Britain" and I agree. Sadly there is nothing great about Great Britain at the moment. In fact, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm quite pleased we have a Royal Family, because I'm hoping, that if everything goes pear shaped, at least they may step in to save this island.

  2. Joe ,i barely know what to say. I agree with you. I guess once the dust settles a clear vision and sense of unity will emerge. When that will be is anyone's guess though. Fortunately people at home and abroad genuinely love this country, but our leaders and inhabitants should never take that affection for granted.