Sunday 5 June 2016

Interview with Reggae Dancehall Artist : Krazy B

There is no doubt that the Reggae dancehall arena is filled with talent... and sometimes.. controversy.
Dancehall artists are not known to shy away from difficult topics, whether they be life, love, politics or the daily hustle.
Artists tell the stories of people's lives; their hopes, dreams, struggles, fantasies; and somehow, they still manage to make us smile as they do so

Today I interviewed Reggae dancehall artist Krazy B live from JA

Krazy B; hello and welcome to Because it Matters!

"Blessed love!"

How's the weather in Jamaica right now?

"The weather is sunny and nice, but I'm working very hard in the studio these days."

What's the hot news at the moment?

"Crime is up!"

Have you always lived in Jamaica?

"I was born in Manchester Jamaica, then went to school in the United States; I live in Kingston now"

How did your music career begin?

"I started off as a rapper growing up in the US, I migrated to Jamaica to do music. I now have my own production company called Zig Ras Studio in Mandeville Jamaica. As a producer, I go by the name of Alvin Thomas CEO"

What type of music do you enjoy listening to?

"I like Dancehall music, Reggae, RnB and Rap music"

What do you think about the current call from several leading Reggae artists to ban slack lyrics and x-rated behaviour from the music?

"Well... I think that they should really leave dancehall alone, but the x rated,songs in dancehall is okay... that's just dancehall!"

How would you describe yourself?

"Well I'm humble, intelligent, full of music vybz ever since I was in primary school. I took music seriously about 18 years now"

Do you have any shows lined up?

"Couple of local shows around the inland"

What message do you have for your fans?

"To fans out there; always expect good clean music from me, positive uplifting songs, I love and respect everyone who is helping me to get my music out there in the world. Love and respect to you love
Also, you can check out my new music video Flow"

How can fans contact you?

"For bookings please contact :1876,3669504"
Thank you very much Krazy B;
You Matter
Enjoy the sun!.

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