Sunday 5 June 2016

"The Greatest"

We lost an Icon.
The news was greeted with worldwide sadness.
We all knew that Ali suffered for years with Parkinson's disease, an illness which is truly debilitating.
I watched my own father suffer at the hands of it, progressively worsening year after year. weakening the body, and no doubt the spirit, as the ability to do anything for oneself becomes almost impossible.

So, that said, when I heard the news, I wasn't surprised... sad to hear, but not surprised.
Ali was a beautiful man.
A great man.
A strong man.
A champion.
His strength of character during the civil rights movement, his conversion to Islam, all testimony of a man of integrity.
Not forgetting of course.. that he was a great athlete
As he would say.. 'the greatest'

Will we ever see the likes of these great men, these leaders.. ever again...
I don't know
Times have changed, people have changed
'Back in the day' the challenge was clear. people knew what they were fighting for, and against

It's far less clear cut.
Now the fight is often with an invisible enemy.. faceless corporations secret societies and the like
Which nevertheless have the power to control the masses, and create discord among mankind
Still, there is no doubting that Ali had something special


Rest in peace champ.. we loved you

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