Thursday 16 June 2016

Should the England team be kicked out of Euro 2016 if fans don't behave

The behaviour of some of the England football fans has been disgraceful. For those of us Londoners I suspect it will bring back memories of the well known football hooligans that blighted the game for years.
( I was a bit young at the time and not fully interested but it was scary hearing about it)

The excuses made by some 'pundits' have been quite amusing. As if English football fans are not renowned for drunken behaviour. Not all of course, but many.
It's true that we've seen incidents of foolish racist behaviour from European football fans of the somewhat more obscure European countries, but when what's taking place off the pitch is getting more headlines that what's happening on the pitch you can only wonder of the impact it could have on the players.. when sorry, if they lose.:)

I'll have an eye on the game later as I do support the England team and want them to do well, but to address the question.... yes.
If the fans can't behave and the team gets kicked out of the tournament because of it, it will show that the hooliganism wont be tolerated... and they'll all have to come back home... ( Yippee..not)
It wont happen of course, but that's my take on it.

Go ole European Union

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