Saturday 29 October 2016

Saturday chill zone ft music by Tiwa Savage - Rewind

Nothing about the way i'm doing things today will indicate to an observer just how much I actually have to do. I'm so incredibly chilled out.
On the agenda, is to clear.
You know those big clear-outs you may have every so often to welcome in a fresh start, fresh outlook, encourage and creative positive feng shui?

Well, it's as if I believe it can be done by telepathy alone, as i'm sitting here writing, and sipping a little red, after a big lunch.
I'm sooo French.
Seriously though, I also have other wonderful things on the agenda which will burn calories and without a doubt reap positive rewards.
Only the sofa...

Doubt me not! however, I'm a determined women once aroused, and will certainly activate action stations forthwith
Only this song...

I had originally skipped over this song from the album (RED) in favour of other more immediate tracks that appealed to me at the time. Yet this is a slow burner.
This video has really brought the song to life for me.
It's so cute, romantic, and loving; heck, It's a nice song without a doubt and sure to stoke the flames of love
How could it not?

Special moments
Nice one Tiwa
Got me feeling romantic

Happy Saturday x


  1. Song is a bit too heavy on the auto-tune for me, but still a nice chilled sound. Hope you are having a relaxed Saturday. :)

    1. I've become so accustomed to hearing the auto tune I didn't even notice! Imagine that
      Yes tnx Joe had a chilled day, got things done too :)