Sunday 9 October 2016

'Shedding the stigma': October 10th marks World Mental Health Day.

Monday 10th October marks World Mental Health Awareness day, with a focus on Psychological 1st Aid

There remains a stigma attached to mental health; an accepted ignorance, in addition to assumptions which are more often than not, far from the truth.
We live in a society which tends to 'hide' away those who are mentally unwell, within centers or hospitals.
Whilst there are attempts to (re)integrate those who have suffered more extreme mental health conditions it remains the case that the process is thwart with difficulty.

Interestingly enough, I have witnessed those experiencing mental illness interact very well with each other, almost as though somehow operating on a very different physiological plane to those we consider mentally stable. They understand.. each other..

Mental illness is often perceived as scary because it's misunderstood.
No one fully understands the complexity of the brain
Black people have been known to have face a tough time in the UK with regards to mental health treatment and were quickly institutionalized. It's my hope that with more nurses and doctors hailing from a similar ethnic background that this, has now changed

Mental health, despite societies attempts to push it aside ...affects us all.

Not only are we responsible for doing our best to take care of our own mental health, but we also have a duty to take care of the mental health of those around us... of others. This knowledge should present itself in the way you treat people in general, the way you interact, and your ability to show kindness, empathy.. and basically... as the scientists say.. not be an arse. ( so to speak)

Some of the most amazing people that I've ever met have informed me that they have experienced some form of mental ill health at some point in their lives.
You dont need to hear voices
you dont need to be claim dual or multiple personalities
You dont need to experience extreme paranoia
to be mentally unwell.

It can creep up on you when you least expect it.
The stresses of life, especially in these modern times can often be a catalyst for a period of un-wellness

It's my hope that we will all take the time to think about how we impact on own mental health or the mental health and well being of those around us, and.. if required, make the necessary changes

Be the best human you can be I say...
Don't wait until it happens to a close friend or family member to be empathetic..
be cool about it.. no one is perfect... but we can at least try and help to rid this world of the stigma associated with mental ill health. [click]

After all.. we live in a world of brawling UKIP politicians and a Trump ( and ahem Clinton) vying for president... so you tell me...why not? :)
I jest of course.. have a great day x.


  1. My younger daughter has mental health issues (quite serious ones), and I'm finding it hard for people including my own extended family to take it seriously or even be understanding about it. Because they can't see, they don't believe it.

    1. Sometimes I wonder if denial or rejection is a fear based reaction. It's not easy for anyone I'm sure, but I think it helps to be understanding. Sorry to hear of your daughters mental health issues Joe. I think if someone is directly involved they will see the 'realness' far quicker than someone who is not

  2. I find most people feel she can just "pull herself together" etc. If she had a broken leg or cancer they'd be concerned. We are in the process of trying to get her help but that's a hard, long process too.

  3. Donald Trump is a cunt. Recently he denigrated soldiers who have PTSD. It's so sad. People with mental illnesses are already miserable and we have a presidential candidate who makes it worse. God help us all.