Sunday 30 October 2016

Who will protect our women?. music by Sexy Steel – Sisi ft. Tekno & Olamide (Remix)

Nice track. cool and easy.

I was reminded again, of just how fortunate some of us are to live in the UK.
Make no mistake, Inequalities remain rife, and as blatant as ever, all women are not created equal, neither all men it would seem, but many.. in other parts of the world..have it worse.
In cities like London, despite the results of recent research into loneliness among men in particular, there is often help or support out there should one need it.
I read an article today describing the plight of many young black African female domestics working in Saudi Arabia. There are reported cases of these women being badly beaten, and treated appallingly by their employers. As bad as that may be to read, I then wondered of the wives of such men.
It's clearly cultural, and in the cases of these women it's also raced and gendered.
They are clearly viewed as occupying the lowest social strata
It's a diplomatic situation for sure.

African women really deserve more protection.. at home, and abroad.

We need our men to get up, stand up, and be heard when it comes to women's rights
The way us women do, and have done... year in and year out... on their behalf...
To be honest, I cant fathom why some of us do the things we do.
There are times I remain a mystery even unto myself.

At least here in the UK, we have a strong civil society... which undoubtedly makes a difference.

I love a love song for sure.
Sometimes though I think, ok, thank you, but Instead of focusing on our beauty and how we make you feel, it would be lovely if you actually opened your eyes to what's really going on with many women, and took a stand against abuse, exploitation, and discrimination.
Silence on issues that matter tend to be viewed as agreement.

However.. I guess if they cannot.. they cannot
Not all birds can fly.
They should sit down, hush, and let the Kings take over
Still, a love song such as this can heal many wounds and soothe many souls.
I love artists.. they are the gods of our time

Good evening x

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