Saturday 22 October 2016

Trump and Clinton - The perfect pairing

..yet now... President Obama fully endorses her..

I will confess; I haven't watched all of the Trump - Clinton debates, so perhaps I'm 'out of touch' with the US election debacle.. but I honestly don't believe that Donald Trump was ever 'supposed' to be a serious candidate, merely appointed to assist Hilary Clinton's route into office.
What the powers that be perhaps didn't expect was the 'unique' mindset of swathes of the American population.
Many will continue to love Trump regardless of what politically incorrect statement he delivers. 'Grab em by the p***y? no problem.. ( if he's been doing it and we've heard nothing about it until now...proof is in the pudding; I guess with his money.. with some women anyway..he can)

'build a wall? lol! no problem.. 'Immigrant problem?' honestly, his tales will continue to become even more shocking as time is drawing to a close, and he needs to get out..
only.. his supporters wont let him.
Perhaps things are not going entirely to plan
The plan being that the Clintons under the guise of Hilary, are almost begged to return to the White House.

I suspect this is the most fun Trump has had since .. 'The Apprentice'

What I find more interesting is the 'Clinton Foundation' and its alleged ruthless involvement in the exploitation of Haiti.


Have a great day.. still with flu but me and little man chilling watching documentaries and writing stuff
#Lazy Saturday's sometimes feel good x


  1. As much as I hate Trump, I'm a little concerned about Clinton too.

    1. It appears as if the US imperialist machine will trundle on regardless of who sits in the 'White House' :) But to be fair, Americans will be the best judge of that...
      A cynic may say that President Obama was ( for obvious reasons) the best man to gain further in-roads into Africa and Cuba..
      .. but why Hilary?.. Other than 'experience' I cant really hear many answers over the noise about Trump

  2. :) conspiracy theorist you! I've heard that before, Trump as a vehicle to get Clinton in. Won't put it past the machine to run it. Says a lot about the American political system that both parties couldn't produce candidates other than those two. very disappointing

    1. They're not straight. Don't trust either one. The truth is out there somewhere, but in its absence we have.. justified and credible theory.

      ...Chrome!, conspiracy theorist?.. me??.. nah.. lol