Saturday 3 December 2016

President Yahya concedes defeat

Very honourable

To concede defeat quickly and with dignity

There were many protests leading up to the elections and many will consider Yahya's reign as autocratic and cite human rights abuses

Yet Gambia has witnessed the end of an era, and in learning more, I'm finding Adama's story quite fascinating.
Imagine, having worked as a security guard right here in London whilst studying, returning home and setting up a business
Now.. he is President
He's also and Arsenal supporter - big tick

Gambian's make up one of the largest ethnic group of migrants to Europe, with many attempting the perilous journey across the mediteranean that we have heard so much about.
Gambia will need to offer more opportunities for sure, education, employment development

In truth, both of these men are impressive
Over time, we will witness the changes Adama will bring. I'm hoping Gambian's remain realistic in their expectations, but with the level of support Adama currently has, one can only hope he will be able to implement the positive development the nation seeks.

I have a vague memory of meeting Yahya
vague because I was with a few people at the time and I really wasn't paying attention
I was awestruck by one of his soldiers (forgive me)

I was taking a walk early one morning and he was simply standing at the corner..with his gun.. looking awesome.
I will say this about Gambia. I felt completely safe.
Especially as a woman
Even when a guy 'jacked' my necklace in the market... I felt safe
Someone chased him down
Gambian people are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet
very cool, very accommodating, very embracing.. in the main; decent.
Most thought I hailed from their part of the world so were quite familiar, yet perhaps more protective when they discovered I was from London

I enjoyed my time there 100%

Yahya's phone call to Adama was very humble
I like him
I respect him for relishing power (after 22yrs) with so much grace

Nigeria's ex President Goodluck Johnathan was also gracious in conceding defeat, so I'm not suggesting it never happens.
When it does.. it's a beautiful thing
It's just that with Yahya having been In power for so long, it's a testament to his strength of character
That's why he... Yahya..was the boss.

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