Sunday 4 December 2016

Weekend Wow Factor : A mixed bag

9ice's voice gives me shivers sometimes...
When he sings.. yep something kinda sexy
Nice vibe, positive sentiment

On the subject of sexy voices, here's the Official video from Mr Daps for 'Mi c mi bed n miss u'

Money 'sweetens'... but not all the time
Ive noticed that men, more often than not tend to be less forgiving than women when it comes to cheating
They can't handle the thought of it really
This lot however....
'..Of course na....I will definitely forgive her..." lol

hmmm !!..


Funny :)
The man wants the kind of public toilets they have in America or Canada
after all.. 'we're not animals'
'So people who use these ones?..'

"dey animals.."


Should we be more concerned about the rise in far right ideology?.
It's being reported frequently that there has been an increase in racist attacks across the UK, which may or may not be due to the 'fear of' ..and the hostile rhetoric on the migrant crisis;
Who knows
I will remind however.. that racist attacks can be stealthy.. and any system set up to discriminate must survive covertly by not only maintaining a defensive stance, but be primed also, for perpetual attack

I digress...
My question is .. do the powers that be see far right political parties as just as much of a 'threat' to stability as Isis?


Farewell Castro..


Welcome President Barrow
( ..and to think... I've shopped in Argos for years.. a weh di rarse... wrong branch my dear lol!)

Have a great evening x

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