Sunday 4 December 2016

Sunday home zone. ft Freddie McGregor Bandulu & Back to my Roots

Home renovations can be a real upheaval. It takes time, starts off stressful and can feel quite unsettling, as you annihilate your 'comfort zone' in order to make way for something new

However, I've come across a few things I thought I had lost
I looked back at my degree pictures, found baby pictures, 'modelling' photoshoot pictures, certificates, all kinds of things

One of which is this back in time picture of me and Freddie McGregor
It's one of my favourite pics.. I thought it was gone for good

He voiced a tune for me, a remake of Bandulu. I produced and built the riddim, then watched him voice it effortlessly.
The master is not in my hands though, so unless I stumble across the tapes I wont be able to upload for your listening pleasure

Awww..look at my baby-face! :)

This is the original anyway
.. and as nice as my version was... it can't touch the original.

So here you are..

and here's his most recent track

Good afternoon all from a bright yet chilly East London x

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