Sunday, 1 April 2012

A beautiful spring day...

I didn’t get up until 8:15. Shock horror.
To be honest I was shocked it was as late as that... Weekdays I’m a 5am gal... weekends? 7ish
I guess I needed the rest.

I lay in my bed and wondered if I was a praise junkie.
Thought about porn for a hot minute then quickly decided not to allow my mind to go there. Realised (as it came on) how much i'd missed 'Everybody loves Raymond',... and that I wasn’t in the mood to cook today...but its Sunday!!... not cook Sunday dinner?? Hmmm not sure about that yet..

I wondered where would be appropriate for me to wear this body-con dress I bought... its really nice... but I have to ensure it doesn't look tacky... I can dress it up with heals or down with flats.. so that said... anywhere should be okay.
Felt energised at the thought of looking and feeling great over summer, especially as my vanity had been fed yesterday as I appeared to turn a few heads without trying( not that I ever try)... that was weird.. I actually asked my son if I looked odd or something.
It’s both nice and a little unnerving having someone ‘check you out’

I thought about how nice it was spending time outside of London, and that I really should do that more often... I feel I fit it rather well, and get along with the people no effort required.
Today is take it easy and potter day.
A little TLC for me, bit of gardening...washing down of the front and back yard, cleaning... reading
If the sun remains as it is I may even take a stroll in my local park... sit on a bench and ponder.. something which is increasingly becoming my favourite pastime... (however.. if you should ever see me sitting on a bench with my thumb in my mouth rocking back and forth whist surrounded by pigeons rescue me please.... yeah ... I bloody hate pigeons:)))

I'ts a beautiful day
Enjoy yours
Happy SMSx


  1. head turner huh? gwan

    yeah outside London, a couple of days away from the rat race, invigorates. when the summer comes on stronger try an overnight stay at Brighton (some nice bars, restaurants and clubs, friendly bohemian lot) or down to good old Margate. I swear by them places for early to late morning beach tranquillity

  2. Oh no!! I feel bad now.. i didn't mean it like that!!.. I just meant... oh never mind:)
    I should think before i write sometimes..

    I think i'll try that overnight thing this summer.. could be just what I need..
    Just to underscore things Chrome.. I was looking like a troglodite really