Tuesday, 3 April 2012


In my closest friends days/hours of need she texts me to ask how I am.

We go back a long way. Since I was 17.
We were so close that for the longest time people were convinced I was from Leeds... our accents seemed to permeate each others.
You see her mother recently died. Fairly young too, and as I said... she’s asking about me.

She said being there for me in my hours/days of need also helped her..helped her to focus on something other than her own pain.
She’s insightful, open, warm, funny, and honest. Always has been. That’s why we're friends.
This is for her....

We were young and immature
Bright eyed smart and full of life
Eager to have fun and experience all that life had to offer.
You were fascinated by London
I Leeds
We’ve attended concerts together
Got dressed up together
Dressed down and 'slobbed out' together
Read books and shared whatever we discovered
Searched for understanding.. together
We enjoyed the excitement of new boyfriends
And lamented at the misery of old ones
We laughed and cried together
Shared our dreams and hopes for the future
Grew up together
Grew apart... together
In our independence we have grow separate
Yet stronger... together
Your wisdom has grown immeasurably
And your ability to love holds no bounds
Yet you are no fool
You have learnt to guard your heart... to own your heart
And with that has come a greater freedom to express who you are
We have baby sat for each other
Annoyed each other
Yet through it all
We are friends
In your hour of need I know you will gain strength
Your friends and family are with you
I cannot know your loss or pain
But I am thinking of you...anyway
We are friends.
You have never turned your back on me
Nor I you
We are friends
So do not worry about me
I’ll be okay
But in case you ever wondered
Thank you
For being a great friend

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