Sunday, 1 April 2012

Boys to men..

My eldest

'Oh No!!... my dads got a gold tooth!!'

My eldest will be 26 in a few weeks time..
I enjoy raising children.. yes it can be challenging.. but it can also be one of the most enjoyable experiences

There are some who feel strongly that women ( or single women) cannot raise boys to become men.

Yet to say that is to almost imply that there are a set of things that all men do..that all men think a certain way, and all women think a certain way...whereas in reality there is no such template. I think it's quite a limiting belief, although I understand the point being made.
Men need to be around men sometimes:)

I guess as parents all we really can do is to raise our children to have values, morals and understanding, to be able to think for themselves, and be strong enough to overcome obstacles and challenges that life may throw at them
Strive to get them educated, and prepare them.
Love them, encourage them support them... ( and i'm sure much more could be added to the list)

Male or female, there are some things that are constant
I've raised two boys and a girl.. and each child has been different.. responded differently, reacted differently to what I've said or done.
Sometimes I've played it right.. sometimes I've played it wrong..

I never set out to be perfect
Just to try my best
I've had fun
Does that sound trivial??... bite me :)


  1. D, handsome guys :~). good genes!

    indeed there is no such template

  2. We do what we can really don't we.. there are many things that can impact on the raising of a child.. but we never stop learning.. and as they grow we grow...we relate on a different level..gotta roll with it I guess

    Yes.. thank you both.. handsome guys indeed... that's how we make them in Hackney.. how we make 'em lol!
    Can't take all the credit though:)

  3. They're very polite my lot, and I like that