Thursday 9 April 2015

Are all 'men' born equal? ft Tony Braxton & Babyface

I came across this letter recently , and whist there is much I agreed with, there was a statement that I'm really not sure about
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I've heard it mentioned many times. Tell me if you agree.
I know many people believe it... but I myself? I am not so sure

To be clear.. my focus is not the contents of the letter per se.. simply the statement below

Zainab Bangura

"Nobody can develop Sierra Leone but us. We can only do that however when we start to realize that, (a) some people are born to lead and others are born to follow" -
- Zainab Hawa Bangura - Under -Secretary General and Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations on Sexual Violence in Conflict.

Given her role and experience, that statement jars me a little.

It played over and over in my mind for days.
People are born to lead and others follow?
Lets see....

I imagined two children. Siblings.. and for the sake of my story, twin boys.
Separated at birth one child is raised in wealth. They live in Africa; to contextualize it.. Sierra Leone.
One is raised and given access to an education, access to ICT,( 24hr electricity to power that equipment) access to nutritional food, 3 meals a day, and all that we are told a child needs for successful development

The other child, 'his brother' is raised in poverty.
He receives little or no education. he survives on 1 meal a day, if he's lucky, has no access to ICT, and his life is plagued with electricity blackouts, and dire services.

Which of those children do you think could be most likely to do well?.
Which child is most likely to have access to social capital, and the type of networks to further assist their career development?
Lets be honest
Neither of those children were born to lead or to follow.

I like Zainab.. she has a kind face... but it's arrogant to make such a statement. However, it's not uncommon, and is the type of statement that can only be made by one in a privileged position to make it.

What irks me is that there are women ( for example) who will need to hear ( and will benefit from hearing) that regardless of thier circumstances to date.... no matter how tough thier lives may have been... they can redefine who they are.
as they too... are somebody.
They can choose whether to lead, or to follow.

We should not necessarily allow anyone from the outside define who we are.
Not without scrutiny
perhaps that is true of a people
and equally a country

But you know something... I'm still not quite sure

I know that more often than not, we create the circumstances that cause others to live in want. Then turn around and blame them for wanting.
Leaders are not born.. they are made
That's all

The more heartless the world appears to become.. the more romantic I seem to get
Strange huh.

I'm a Libran.. and in astrological terms my sign is ruled by Venus.. the Goddess of Love
I like that.
Why not.

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