Wednesday, 27 May 2015

An insult & a compliment

Ti said his 'new friend' knows how to cook...
that I should ..'watch and learn'

He declared that he wants more of this 'gourmet' food instead of 'this government slop he's been eating over the years!' ( that's his nickname for my food btw)
He said ( because I wear latex gloves in the kitchen) that I don't enjoy cooking and it shows, and apparently my brother said that apart from him ( really?) no one showed any interest in the kitchen growing up

To be fair.. 'I was out playing in the alley!'... I said in my defence
Big mistake

'Yeah... alley cat' said Ti....

Although he was joking ( ish) I had given my childhood some thought over the past few days.

I remember waking up one morning covered in spots as a teenager. It was horrendous. I'd gone from having a lovely complexion to looking as if I had been attacked by mosquitoes.
No one anything.
I did go to the doctor, which was a mistake because it actually messed up my face pretty bad even more
No one said anything
It eased up ( somewhat)
Anyway... in comparison.. I grew dreads .. and everyone went crazy. Everyone said something
Maybe they felt I had no control over one thing but control over the other?.. maybe that's why

I was moaning about this stuff yesterday and Ti said.. 'get over it'. You've got some family issues you need to deal with or get over.

I've decided not to deal with them, but to bury them (the issues that is).
Best to move on
I was a tomboy growing up.
It's true.
I played football, ran, rode bikes, and hung out alongside the boys for the duration of my childhood. I had a few girlfriends.. but they were tomboys too ( so to speak)
I loved it.

Feeling low yesterday, I mentioned to Ti that I don't feel very successful at present ( It's all relative perhaps)
Ti gave me his definition of success, and said that he thinks I am. That I just don't see it.

So there you have it... an insult and a compliment.. all in one day :)

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