Wednesday 29 July 2015

Ciara - Dance Like We're Making Love - Bums & Odd chat up lines

Now this song... I really love

It's so cool, and I could watch her dance all day.
Nice one Ciara


On another note

I saw a woman today whose bum was so round I could hardly stop staring. To be honest I think she may have had implants. If they weren't implants, then that was a very unusually round bum.
Nice enough though.

But bums are funny things really aren't they. They really do come in all shapes and sizes.


At the bus stop a guy said... 'I love your lips. They're the kinda lips I just wanna kiss..'. I was gobsmacked. So much so, that he laughed.. then so did I . 'Well'... he said.. different. ' Yep I said.. sure was'.
Then I was off

I think I'll just lose myself in this song awhile...
That's me for tonight..
Enjoy yours x


  1. Well he wasn't very politically correct was he, but then maybe you with your bum staring wasn't either. :D

  2. Lol...Oh I was super discrete..very P.c. :). The joke .. I guess is not without some irony I guess. comics may say it's all in the timing perhaps.. :).. he's not a comic