Monday 6 July 2015

Unreasonable policies?... just say no. ft R2Bees ft. Davido- Gboza

If Bisa Kdei was on this too it would have been off the scale.... #justsaying
Please someone .. remix and get him in
Davido.. my favourite boy with dimples gets better and better doesn't he....

What's up with Greece?.
In fact.. what's up with the EU?..
As Greece voters fight against austerity measures... what next? [click]

I'm not big on economics. I should really take the time.
Structural adjustment programs mandated by the IMF and World Bank have held developing countries under arrest for many many years. In fact many argue, have kept them, in a state of perpetual development. One way or another.

Maybe that's why the Greeks said no.
But as I said.. what next. Greece needs money and fast. What I don't quite get is what went wrong?

sorry.. I wasn't paying attention .. til now...

There is an element of bravery in saying no. Desperate people can rarely afford to use the N word to be honest

Good morning all x. Good morning Greece. Rise Up revolutionaries

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  1. yeah I wonder about Greece as well. They have a maximum of 60 euros daily for withdrawals from their own ATM accounts. I couldn't survive. Greece needs money. I wonder what they will do and how it will affect the world market.