Wednesday 1 July 2015

the strangest thing ft a *Rewind*.. Heavy-K - Yini ft. Naak MusiQ

Liberia reported a new Ebola case yesterday. [click] [click]
The country had/has been declared Ebola free.

Let hope it's an isolated case.
Both Nigeria and Senegal were able to quickly eradicate Ebola from their midst. How did they do that I wonder
Still.. I'm glad they did
condolences to the boys family.

Condolences.. that is a word I have rarely heard with regards to Ebola.
It's almost as if all the 'normal' rules of life and death are dispersed with. Burials, mourning condolences...

It's a cruel thing. The strangest thing

Things will be better, I have faith

I want to dedicate this track to President Jacob Zuma
He who has been 'blessed' with many wives.
I'm not sure why. (I should dedicate this song to him)
I really don't..
As he is not my 'favourite' leader.. ( he can sing a bit.. but that's not enough really is it.. even for 'music obsessed' me)
I guess I heard *this*.. and I thought of *them*

Good morning all x
Hopefully you will all enjoy it
Be a blessing

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