Thursday 30 July 2015

Holy Sex!

I'm not usually a big fan of erotic fiction. At least, I haven't been for some time. Back in the day when I used to read quite alot of fiction, I did enjoy the occasional erotic writings of Colin Channer, or Eric Jerome Dickey (seriously) I even have a signed copy or two.

Anyway... I came across Holy Sex! by Obinna Udenwe , and found it quite amusing.. and yes.. kinda cute gossipy and enjoyable. It's quite light on the sex but that gives the imagination room to manoeuvre I think.. sometimes.. less is more!

Obinna Udenwe

I stumbled across a guardian article, which focused on the genre of Nigerian erotica [click]. It caught my attention because of a news article I read a few days ago, about a pastor who said that he semen was holy, and contained blessings! ( or something like that)
and... the way to receive the blessings was to ''tease out' his holy semen orally.

Apparently ( If the story is indeed true) he's been arrested.... caught with his 'rod' in someone's face or something. Seriously.... how devoted do you have to be to fall for that one?
I'm not sure if he should have been arrested or awarded!

It's often said that the truth is stranger than fiction

Anyway, if you fancy a read... [click]

The stories could ruffle some feathers

Episode 1

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