Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Chances are you'll hear this again..in the car.. or a store near you

Not even December and I heard my first 2012 Christmas song today in the cafe.. brace yourself..

We are fast approaching that time of year. Always bittersweet.
2013 approaches.. some will begin to set life goals, reflect on the past year, give thanks for what they have..some will begin to awaken to new levels of consciousness, some may not.. children may begin to ask for what toys they would like.. parent/s or family members start to look shifty as everyone prefers to stay at home and chill really.. minimal fuss.. ( but noone wants to offend) still.. one day at at time.

I may dig this one out again when the season really kicks in. Or I may not.
It's a beautiful song to be fair.


  1. :~) I was gonna moan but I really like this song (nodding as I type). Now I've heard my first Christmas song lol!

  2. Is it already time for this?!?

  3. Lovely song

    Perhaps a tad early but looking at some stores..yes it's time