Thursday, 15 November 2012

The souls of man.

When you look deep into the soul of man
You can never un see what was seen
never undo what was done
for in the soul of man lies all

When under threat of losing what matters to them they lash out
Where there is no honour among thieves
The jury has deliberated and love is found wanting
As each point the finger of blame elsewhere
Yet true evidence is there
should it ever be required
should the house of cards ever begin to topple
and the real reason becomes clear

For in our hearts our true intent lies
When deceivers become the deceived
Only under scrutiny shall we know ourselves and each other
Often it doesn't take much
Question is
Do we like what is there

Are we prepared to face our frailties and insecurities
jealousies and spitefulness.
Our do we bury them under smiles and playfulness
Only for them to resurface again.. and again.

Do we bury them with a well honed act
When in reality, they eat away at the soul.
Or do we embrace true oneness
Do we raise our minds and souls, our spirit from out of the dustbin of life
The gutter...
where service to self dominates service to others
and selfishness reigns, as oneness becomes I, me, myself and mine.
By any means necessary

Hear me when I say I was neither the reason nor the cause
Did not request it or require it
Just being a friendly ear at the time when it was asked for
Had my reservations and voiced them
I was clear, if no one else.

Let love save the souls of man
As nothing else seems to be working
and nothing else ever will

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