Saturday, 3 November 2012

"..he kept dreamin - ooh that someday he'd be a star...".. Gladys Knight

I wonder..who has a favourite Gladys Knight & the Pips track?.. here's mine..
How great are those pips.. can you imagine having them with you all day..doing little dances behind your back..cheering you up.. getting lunch.... "err, Dawna.. who are the guys in the blue suit??.. oh.. there just my pips"...cool.
I can barely remember a step class routine.. let alone do that and sing

here's a clearer sound version with lyrics thrown in.. gotta love it

.. and this is my other..

On the bond theme.. this was a great theme song by Gladys


  1. Midnight train to Georgia always takes me back to my days in my parents home. I must have heard that song a thousand times.

  2. Played a lot in my family home too