Saturday, 10 November 2012

Court Jesters and Kings

Took Chrome's advice and had a good nights sleep.

Gonna continue to have a restful weekend, write a shopping list and give to the boys.
Had a nice chat with a friend last night. Very insightful she was, as I made her laugh about a thing or two.. actually made myself laugh a bit.
Things which on the surface are not funny, yet in the pauses something removes the upset, and replaces it with a smile.
She reminded me that when people come into your life you can never be totally sure what role they may play, and as we approach the end of another year we should reflect on the lessons that life give us, and find comfort, and wisdom, in what we learn

She told me some things that really made me think.. made me wonder how some people can say and do the things they say and do, with so little awareness, care or love.

A guy once told her he couldn't love her until he had x amount of thousands in the bank... that he needed his energy for that. She helped him make those thousands and he naffed off anyway.. in the new car she helped him buy.
I listened for a moment then said.. " well , that's what happens when you expect the court jester to be king!"
she laughed.

I was joking, but we thought about that for a second or two and realised that often we do. Expect or hope people will be, or can be, that which they are not.
The decision remains in their hands and their hands alone.

There's a fine line between a prince and a pauper, the art is truly knowing which is which.


  1. Good you had some sleep......too little can mess with one's mode.. I like this neyo track point is you can only really love someone who wants you to love them, simply one of those things in life even I've come to understand..... "love can't be forced"

  2. That's true BC. Plus, wouldn't have it any other way.
    Has cost some a couple grand finding that out
    Yes I like Neyo

  3. Remember to though BC.. sometimes people want what they're not prepared to give

  4. I have to agree with your second comment dawna!!!

  5. In financial terms perhaps it may be referred to as negative equity :)

  6. Chrome has been known to give good advice.