Friday, 22 February 2013


Sweet reflective Fridays

A nice and busy week so it’s great to have some down time.

Love notes
Take a word or two to convey a feeling
An emotion
That which cannot be contained but yearns for freedom
For expansion
To cloak everything in its radiance and bliss
To shed light on whatever darkness descends upon
To breathe life into all it touches
To find laughter amidst sorrow
But to embrace sorrow in the knowledge that all is transient
Love notes
The life blood of humanity
A never-ending flow of words
Perhaps one word
Or two
Words that refuse to demand action
But inspire action nonetheless
Love notes breathe
Heartbeat after heartbeat

A lid for every pot it's said
Love notes find their way home
A soujourner no more
Its resting place is the heart

Happy sweet Friday night

Put pen to paper
Enjoy your love notes


  1. I was so tired Friday that I was asleep around 8ish.

  2. Nodded off shortly after this - could have been the Irish cream though..