Saturday, 23 February 2013

The story of Marcus Garvey

May need headphones - low sound.

A very interesting documentary on Garvey, and the UNIA movement.

With coverage of the Black Star line, an insight into how militant Garvey was,
the divisions with WEB Du bois, this documentary covers a great deal. It is, even now, amazing what one mans vision can set in motion, yet in his growing isolation, and the decline of the black star line, Garvey confided in a 'friend' who turned out to be an informant.

Garvey was powerful enough at one stage to have caused J Edgar Hoover to employ the 1st full time black agent - agent 800.
Numbers grew. He may have been the 1st, but was not the last.

Of the love story with Amy Garvey (who tackled a gunman to save her lover its said) it was rocky.
'Having a wife is an impediment to my work and peace of mind' he's reported to have said once.
'I cant pay her personal attention as the average husband..

Marcus Garvey Jr states he never saw his father laugh
Always serious.
Triumph and tragedy. Perhaps beneath it all , simply an ordinary man with an extraordinary vision, and ability to mobilise people?.
It's true that his ideas were not new, but perhaps in many ways Garvey became a 'poster boy' of an idea.
Egotist?, megalomaniac?, true leader?, blessed..?
A powerful legacy
A fascinating story.


  1. This is a fascinating story. I listened to much of it, I will listen to the rest later tonight.

  2. I learnt a lot of things that I was previously unaware of - v interesting documentary indeed. Hope you enjoy the rest of it Reggie