Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Anonymous ft Wilbur ( the unintended oxymoron)

Not sure how I stumbled across this.
Actually I am. I was thinking how interesting it would be to conduct a study on You tube comments, and the impact of anonymity. To be sure, the comments that often accompany documentaries or videos on YouTube can be very interesting. Many can be very offensive, others very thoughtful, some silly, others funny. I wondered if we lived our lives anonymously if we would we be any, or very, different to the face we present to the world.
I don't write under a pseudonym, but I wonder if I did, if I would write any differently.
I don't think so, but it's hard to tell.

People have a lot to say that's for sure, yet the increase in on-line communication, I suspect may have had an impact on our ability to communicate face to face, openly or honestly.
I wonder if the art of conversation really is a dying art, like the art of letter writing perhaps.

Handwriting also used to be quite artistic. Now we ( no, I) tend to scrawl, accustomed as I've become to the speed of the 'keys'

The video itself I found interesting, found him quite a humorous guy. Caste system in India, Tribalism in parts of Africa, class-ism in the West.. and the rest - held together by a set of quite often unpleasant beliefs, and located at the intersection of the meaningless, and the meaningful there exists a confusion - us

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