Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The business of good business

Every year my mum used to plant flowers in my back yard. In doing my best to maintain what was always a great job, I’d unwittingly... pull them up.
I was unable to tell the difference between weeds and flowers. It’s easily done when you lack experience.
Flowers can sometimes look like weeds, and weeds flowers.
“Where are the flowers?” mum would ask
“ Errr.. I dunno.. “
“You pull them out?”
Patience jargo. Patience. Any seed you plant will grow.. just have to plant the right seeds and wait. That’s when the most beautiful flowers will grow.

Yes, you can be sure, that with the right environment, and care, without a doubt, flowers will bloom..
Yes, they always do.. often sooner than you think.

My interest in race and racism has always been accompanied by an interest in African states.. the politics.. the history.. the 'drama'.. Some states more than others. Engrossed in war conflict and development, I’m currently gripped by the notion of aid and poverty reduction strategies. Does aid reduce poverty, or create it?

Trade that benefits one over another is often seen as good business, for the one who benefits most. But 'good business' can create humanitarian crisis.. hostilities, and conflict.
It’s said that 'good foreign policy' is devoid of emotion, but must seek solely the wisdom of the intellect.
But human as we are, we cannot survive on intellect alone. Surely that’s like planting a seed and denying it water.
China protects China. Yet who protects Africa?
Not Africans it would seem.
'It’s not nationalist though'.. I hear people say.
'It’s simply good business'.
I'm generalising I know. Many African countries are doing okay..
Trade and development are essential for sure, but if history has taught us anything it's that life under colonial rule can have dire consequences.
Trust is essential

Many of these trade deals come with risks, but perhaps it's a risk that has to be taken. In the perceived absence of an alternative.
Question is.. why is there little alternative?


  1. It would seem that the sons and daughters of Africa could stand to do better.....all of us.

  2. That is true.. will keep trying - little things they say can make a big difference