Sunday, 24 February 2013

Up Park Camp - John Holt

This evening.. out of nowhere this song came to mind. To be honest I wasn't even thinking about music at all, something entirely different, but there it was.. and I couldn't remember the name at all.
Up John's Park?? I Googled. I was hoping I didn't get some odd seedy porn but it was my best shot.. I knew it was 'up something'.
But then, turns out it was good enough, as this is that song
Up Park Camp - by John Holt

It's amazing the way that songs remain in the memory, lurking away in the subconscious. I can't remember actually paying it that much attention at the time - but, in feeling it as I do, I must have, without even knowing.
Imagine what else is back there. Everything. absolutely everything
Ever encounter, experience... It must be.

I wonder what it is about my childhood that has me going back there as often as I do.
Not in a weird way, it's just things that come to mind, music, people, sights, sounds.
I wonder if there's something I am avoiding(now), thus seeking comfort, in the comfort of that which I know and love.
I don't think so, but it's worth looking at.
On the couch with 'Frasier Crane' so to speak - I think it's simply a love of music, the occasional over-active mind, a combination of being a lover of warm vibes, and being a romantic.
Besides.. it's Sunday, beautiful Sunday.
The day when we tend to prepare ourselves for the working week, finish the washing, a little ironing perhaps, chill with a little Studio 1, bark at Ti abit for good measure, or grab a book and a duvet.
I've studied quite a lot this weekend, so even a romcom may be on the cards

Happy soul-mate Sunday.. reggae revival selection.. ft John Holt

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