Friday, 1 March 2013

A week through the eyes of Dawna ( who really should stop talking in the 3rd person)

Wow. Is it really the 1st of March already?!?
Yes it is, which can only mean one thing ( it can mean anything really but stay with me..) It's almost Spring!!.
Yes Spring, the season of new beginnings, and a warmer climate.

Anyway. What did I learn this week?.
Patience. I need to learn to practice more patience.
That, and to fret less.
Not to worry so much when things don't go according to plan. It's okay... It's okay missy.

I also learnt ( or was reminded ) that I really do like having my own way. Borderline spoilt perhaps? I don't know what that's about (my family may disagree) but again.. It's okay .. not to have ones own way all of the time. But before you start calling me names like.. 'silly spoilt cow' or whatever.. hold your fire..

It's not a selfish kind of spoilt really it isn't. I like to do my best to help others when I can, and that's when I tend to find I can be eager the most.
The selfish part I guess ( if there is one) is the feeling of disappointment I feel when I'm not at my best. I'm perhaps a closet perfectionist.. not typical by any means.. but it lurks... it lurks.
That's the ego...right?
Who knew.
So what else did I learn? ( Other that the fact that potatoes wedges splashed with malt vinegar and baked beans tastes great on a Friday eve?).. well...
That we all have a story to tell.

I had a conversation a few days ago that left me feeling a little odd. It stocked my emotions, although not at the time. I wont go into detail, other than to say it can be tough for some growing up.
Yet, despite dire experiences, they get on with it.. somehow.
People often share things with me, and whilst I am honoured they feel comfortable to do so, I'm sometimes left wondering why, or rather, what, I can do with the information.
I suppose I learn from it, and maybe that's all that's supposed to happen. Maybe these tales teach me compassion. Perhaps when I sway into egotism, I'm brought back by these tales, which are sobering and humbling.
So I'm grateful.
I also learnt (or was reminded) that there must be a reason why I am drawn to certain things, or feel compelled (almost) to do certain things. I'm trying to follow my gut more, be more trusting, both towards others, and towards myself. It's work in progress.. A part of me is so quiet and shy, definitely more introvert than extrovert, yet I keep getting drawn out of that position for some reason.

I retreat when I'm at home though..( like most of us) can muse over things on my blog, and allow myself to embrace that side of me.( Bloomin' nora...Ti tends to switch over the TV when he thinks I'm unaware, then gets bored - goes upstairs, and leaves Homer Simpson yapping in my ears... the remote/s are now on the other side of the room and I can barely be arsed to get up and turn it over or off.. ee-rritaating!!!!)
Anyway.. patience Jargo..this sweet Friday, it's time to unwind, a weekend to get my brain into gear, watch Mr X doc, and give some energy to work pending assignment.
Enjoy your Friday