Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Love list

It's almost Friday..
The past few days I've been really taken with this album...
So sweet.
Yeah I know.. you and this J.T thing right...
Bite me.. he's pretty cool.. and pretty darn cu...

So.. the love list.
Do you have one?
A love list is a list of people you select to love.
No?.. are you sure you don't..?

A love list will render anyone not on it.. a non recipient of your love
Sound unappealing?
Alternatively you (we) can recreate your love list - update it often - and try an act of love - or kindness, to someone least expecting.. someone alien to your love list..
Well... why not..

Drifting into dreamland.. it's a wonder I can type a sentence that doesn't look like... njgfgd, to kjhfgdd lkjf ghghg!?!
I'll reawaken for an hour or so and thenzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


  1. Bite you ey? Right! Roll up your sleeves and hold out your arm lol! I like JT and that first album got nuff reload. On your recommends I'm gonna cop this, been a minute I bought anything.

    Man! A love list .. does it have to be someone who knows you check for them personally, on some mutual thing? I've got a few ladies I'd swoon on if I could work my list (needs an update). Anyone not on my list gets the barge pole

  2. Can be anyone Chrome, that's the wonder of the list