Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Vivid dreams

Have you ever had a dream so vivid it was as if you were not dreaming at all?
Well.. that was me. I'm awake but feel as though I haven't slept.

It was an odd mix.
A guy, and a few other bits and bobs

I have a headache at the moment. The dream itself was pleasing enough, only I really do feel as though I've just lived through the entire experience and have been yanked back..suddenly.
Dreams can contain messages some say. I believe they can, and often do. Its working out what it is.
Sometimes dreams can be premonitions..
Perhaps an over-active mind tackling unresolved issues
Preparation for something?
Either way..
I could use a little sleep..
To sleep no doubt to dream


  1. really theme, like the light to red transition

    Dreams always mean something. Your's seems to be dealing with elevation, soaring, enlightenment. A hard landing? I've had a few déjà vu moments were I later realized it was something from a dream and not an actual past event. disconcerting

  2. You may be onto something there Chrome.. I wonder, I guess I'll see in time..
    Deja vu, must have been a very vivid dream

  3. I wish that I understood more of my dreams, but I'm not all that certain that some of my strange ass dreams would even be in a dream book.

  4. If you remember them- maybe select key aspects and see what's said in the dream dictionary... can be an interesting read