Sunday, 31 March 2013

Up with the Lark - Kenyatta

I still had a fairly early start.
Eyes still heavy, head pounding, but it feels better sitting up.
It looks very beautiful outside as the sun is shinning brightly. I dare not open the back door just yet though as I'm not quite ready for the cold breeze that I suspect will undoubtedly follow.

Maybe when I'm dressed I 'll go get some fresh air, not before.

So...Uhuru Kenyatta , (Son of Jomo Kenyatta) of Kenyas largest tribe Kikuyu, won Kenya's presidential election

check out this bio - how do they know all this

Raila Odinga (Luo tribe) lost.

check out his bio

News on Aljazeera

Why did I mention their tribes? Well.. because there are apparently about 42 ethnic tribes in Kenya, and Kenyan politics it would appear, is very tribal, influencing the way people vote. If Kenyatta is found guilty at the ICC, what impact will that have on Kenyan politics I wonder?

The ICC who's sole purpose does appear to be the indictment of black African leaders. International or 'foreign' actors involved in African conflicts don't often get a look in, may lose credibility/legitimacy, if they continue to appear biased.

Anyway..can tribalism and politics ever be happy bedfellows?
It's not just in politics though is it. It's a way of life, one which strongly informs actions and interactions.
I don't think democratic elections can really be democratic when tribalism runs the show.

Kenyatta has said he wants unity, see what happens at the ICC.
I will say this.. I think his name is pretty cool.

That and... I'm not 'tribal', having said that, maybe I am. you see, we all have a way of being, and tend to gravitate to those (even where differences exist ) who share our world-view/behaviours/beliefs, in some way. we are perhaps more tolerant/ do favours/ turn a blind eye , or ear when required. It may not be blood, but.. its tribal.. isn't it?
Hmm.. no.. I'm not 'Tribal'
I'm Caribbean.. lol
I'm Black
A Londoner.. weeeee, this is fun
Seriously though.. I'm not
I'm just me.


  1. Tribalism, the legacy of colonial rule. Western style democracy is all well and good, when developed as an organic institution within a society. When people are thrown/forced together corruption and violence is what happens. In Nigeria the "unofficial" approach is zonal politics, where power is rotated among the major tribes, politics by tribal consensus. Not exactly the best approach to democracy, but workable-ish

    I remember the news article on the ICC thing. sad state of affairs really as the Kenyan state never brought no high level individual to justice. looks like Kenyatta's going to be the president, smh. If you haven't check out the Kenyan writer Ngugi wa thiong'o, up there with Achebe

  2. rotation of power.. that's interesting. Never heard of Ngugi.. will check out when I can