Saturday, 30 March 2013

Boo hoo.. I'm unwell

I'm not sure if any of you get this but I've found my body has a way of staving off sickness (at times) if I have a lot of commitments to meet. Then, as soon as they're met, and I take time off to do my thing..blam
crap.. flu like symptoms.. cold sweats an all.

Its not funny. So, I'm laying on my back to work, wanting desperately to be served like the queen of freakin' Sheba.. which probably wont happen...

..unless perhaps.. I yell ... hmm.,. very unlike the queen of Sheba

To be honest I felt it's onset on Thursday.. Wednesday night actually..

Well, it does force me to slow my roll a little. the sun is shining you see, and if I felt better I would feel far more inclined to make a start out back etc etc etc.
It can wait. I'm sick, and my little body hurts

This says it all - thanks Guardian

They'll probably be calling it something else now.. like 'Lazy Arse Syndrome..'
Grrrr... shiver..


  1. Queen Sheba ey? lol, I can picture it. I swear there's been times I've fallen sick and got better all inside some crazy workloads. commitments ride roughshod over whatever the body's feeling

    rest up and get better sweetheart