Friday, 8 March 2013

On Key -On International Women's Day

Wow - late night so this feels early.
A very busy week, so glad it's Friday.

I can't remember paying as much attention to one question as I'm paying to the construction of my required essay question This is my third one now, and I'm determined to have decided finally, by the end of today. ( All being well)

It's funny the way some things matter a great deal to us, and other things - not at all.

I think we can feel, deep within, when something's right - and equally, when something is totally off centre. I think the more we know ourselves is the more in tune we become with our intuition ( gut feeling) or just become more definite in our intent - intentions - and are less easily swayed.
These days - as in the years before me, it's really about being 'on key'
Anything outside of that, is not a pretty sight, and best avoided.

Each of us will follow our path, either leading on our own journey - or being lead as a passenger - in it. Issues of war, conflict, development are examples of that played out on a wider stage.
Propaganda is not just a tool of war as you know , but a tool used to control. To follow propaganda is be be led, and not to lead.

However, those among us who are 'off key', create a role, or at the very least, an example for another of how not to be. Some of us are born to lead, others to follow.
Today is International Women's Day.
Which explains my early start required for my tasks today.

Hey - when I grow up - I wanna be - just like me.
Only cuter:)
Women that I am

How each woman defines herself differs from woman to woman.
I think people tend to be shaped by their experiences, the only thing is, if their experiences have been a painful, they could struggle with inner demons.
They could struggle with them anyway - and in those cases, nothing outside of them can heal that pain or confusion -no quotes, or phrases will remove what lies deep within the subconscious, or less deep and in the conscious.
Only real inner work - can ever do that
That - and a genuine ability and desire to Love.
Devoid of any devious or manipulative ulterior motive.

Women - like men - have a capacity for greatness.
Women - like men - sometimes tend to forget that.
But we can remember
Stay on point - stay on key

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