Saturday, 21 December 2013

A song.. a film.. a quote.. or 2


I'd quite like to watch this film on Winnie Mandela
The DVD's region 1 though.. why is that?
Region 1 shows in America but not on all DVD players in the UK. Would have been nice to watch it tonight.


A new season of Boondocks due soon


  1. Haven't heard of that Winnie Mandela movie before -- guess it didn't make it to Canada either!

  2. I heard about it, then it seem to fall off the radar. I don't think it ever got a UK release although I could be wrong. it looks like a very good movie.. (and worthy of a much higher profile ) just need to find a way to see it

  3. Like you did with WizKid ft Femi Kuti, thanks for introducing me to Tiwa Savage. I loved the clip. I'm going to have look her up on youtube to find more music from her.

    I'm not so much a fan of Terrence Howard but I love Jennifer Hudson and I intend to see the movie. And i LOVE the Boondocks!

    1. I like Tiwa.. such a nice video too.
      From what I see so far I think the casting of the film is great. Both Howard and Hudson seem to fit the roles very well, both also highly talented. My liking of Howard may be slightly superficial in that I think he's very handsome, I know he can act.. other than that I know little. Jennifer is an amazing singer, and Winnie is an amazing woman. ( I like her.. alot, in fact I'd love to meet her someday)
      Now the Boondocks is just so funny, love the social political and cultural satire. Just so darn rude too.. so like you.. I'm looking forward to the new season

  4. The Boondocks is funny as hell!!!