Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Best Man Holiday soundtrack sounds...

pretty cool..

The weekend is almost upon us, and a trip to see the Best Man Holiday may be just the ticket.
I'm looking forward to it.. I've read some pretty good reviews

T'is the season

My personal favourite has got to be Charlie Wilson's song featured earlier this week. That's a wedding song
Enjoy your evening x


  1. The only time I see films is when I'm in the plane on the way to the States and I really hope this film is on the in house entertainment.

    What a great soundtrack!

  2. Hope so too!
    Aww yes it's lovely.. i'm really looking forward to seeing it now

  3. I absolutely LOVED this movie. You will experience a range of emotions, from happiness to sadness, and everything in between. I didn't know the soundtrack was out. I'll have to look for it. And when this is out on dvd, I'm buying it. a Great movie. I highly recommend it.

  4. That's' such great feedback Alieux..:) ..
    I just stumbled across uncle charlies track, then found the entire soundtrack so lovely I cant wait to see it