Monday, 30 December 2013

Ruben Studdard .. winding up 2013

We are approaching the end of 2013. Wow… that went by quickly.
I must say it’s been interesting. I’m not sad to see it go by, yet I take away some key moments.

I remember Corey. That was a shocking week, and I remember watching a family experience an agony I’m in no hurry to witness again. Then there were many others who seemed to leave this earth a little early, others perhaps not early but poignant.
I guess it’s a reminder that we should never take our lives or the lives of others for granted, as you just never know.
I can’t quite grasp all that occurred in 2013. The years sometimes seem to roll on so effortlessly that things can become a blur.. Ti started Uni, and my other two are both well.
Kai started wearing a school uniform, and nature took care of the huge tree in the backyard.. so it’s now only huge on one side
Music seemed to carry me through more than ever, and I have enjoyed it all... new and old. During times when I’ve struggled… when I’ve felt like giving up, in times of joy or despair, it’s been there.. encouraging me in some way, providing comfort in others
It’s a spiritual thing.

I realised that I’m quite passionate about international development, and the causes of war and conflict in the African region.. Some countries perhaps more than others, and the roots of which arguably reside in the legacy of colonial rule.
Are we post-colonial? Not quite... But perhaps we will forever redefine who we are… in relation to it... or not.
I guess what I’m also saying is I’m discovering more of who I am, what I’m about, where my interests and my passions are. .. even if I have many. In short, I learnt a great deal this year, but if I’m honest I stalled in the area of completing a particular stage play. Yes.. It happens.
When I apply myself ( and if I’m honest, I don’t always) I found that I can write pretty well. I read an article quite recently on Welfare and it was one of the most engaging academic papers I’ve read in a while…empirical research, and not boring at all. I always knew academic writing need not be boring, but can, and should be engaging, and accessible to all... and by all I mean regular everyday folk. When I finished reading it.. I remember thinking.. ‘hey!.. now I wanna write like that!.
But we find our own voices don’t we… indeed... ours is not to provide a carbon copy , but to create...to invent
I learnt basic French, this year too, I kept coming across French in my readings, and loved Aljazeera's 'Black France' series so much, that I was inspired.. but I will need to practice if I'm to improve on it. I'm in no hurry, I'm just relieved to know I can actually learn it.. I enjoy it, so will find a way to fit it in.

It’s clear that my mum is not ready to relinquish her crown as main holiday cook, but I cooked alongside her, and you know what?… we didn’t argue. I didn’t get angry with her for not being organised.. and she didn’t snap at me or call me stupid or impatient. Cool result.
Actually.. To be honest my mum stopped snapping at me years ago. (I think she’s proud of me again)
Although, she did ask what ‘stupidness’ we were all watching as we all craned our necks to see behind her as we ate, to watch Toy Story 3.. however, she finally relinquished, moved aside.. and watched it too.
That film is a tear jerker. Who knew.
Seems I’m a big kid also. Who knew
In fact, mum was on good form, even though the arthritis is clearly painful at times. But folks.. be upstanding..as honestly?..the food was delicious as always. Even if I say so myself.

I can’t even stay on this for long as I’m writing up something else, but I was in the mood to offload a little.

I’m looking forward to the New Year. I suspect it won’t be plain sailing, but I’m hoping for some highs along the way.
Laughs, love, fun, focus, study and achievements, write something girl… and a whole lot more..

I wish you all the best for the New Year.
A year older, a year wiser, and a year cuter :-)
That we strive to do onto others.. .that which we would like done onto ourselves
That we try to live in truth as much as possible
And that even if and when we fail… we don’t’ give up..
That our happiness is not determined by anything other than a desire to love and be loved...
Strong growth in the economy, public and private would be great
Be mindful of promises made by political parties in 2014, vote wisely in 2015
Hey.. be mindful .. period.
Bring it.
Anyway, here’s my song of the day..and going into 2014

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