Saturday, 7 December 2013

Maybe I've been living under a rock..

As although I've always felt that Taye Diggs has that boy next door charm..

I really hadn't noticed that Terrance Howard was just so darn cute looking.

His eyes are amazing..what are they.. green?. His cheeky character in the film made me laugh

Yes.. The Best Man Holiday

I really enjoyed it. A heartwarming, way to beat off a chilly evening
A film about life, love, family, and friendships.. made me think about stuff
Tinged with sadness ( that can feel tough to watch) yet, it's funny too, and sweet.

plus Terrance Howard sure makes one fine an' naughty Santa


Funny- Sexy- Sad- Cool.. Best Man Holiday..definitely worth a watch


  1. I haven't seen the movie, but I've heard from a few women in my office that it was very very good.

    I've yet to hear a man say that he saw the movie though.

  2. Reggie, I saw the movie , and I loved it.

  3. I love Taye Diggs' teeth. As soon as I become rich I want teeth like his.

  4. He does have a beautiful smile