Saturday, 14 December 2013

Saturday music spot.. ft Beyonce, Rhianna and Ciara

I quite like this

Rhianna certainly has some catchy and even quite thoughtful tunes at times.
I'm not sure who writes her songs or if she simply writes her own, but she's a versatile artist.

An equally nice song from Beyonce

My daughter used to sing this everyday.. over and over. She loved it. I can't hear or see Beyonce now and not see.. or even be reminded of Nai. She laughed when I told her that. I tell you something.. it was ages before I even realized it was Beyonce at all. I thought she wrote it!:)

Says it all..good song.. flaws an all

Ciara.. the dancer. Love her moves.

Happy evening all x.


  1. I really love a great deal of Rihanna's songs but I've never rated Beyonce at all. Just don't get her appeal.

  2. In general , I tend to prefer R's songs still.. i'm flexible. Ill enjoy a nice song from anyone me. Interesting what you say though, I think Beyonce's performances/videos/ and her visual expression of songs and music, caught the public imagination during the Destiny's Child days, and has continued and grown ever since
    I bought every album until recently. I Like the songs If I were a Boy, and Irreplaceable alot.. oh and Ego was nice too.
    Much of her appeal also, I think, outside of her stunning performances, is that she's really pretty..

  3. I didn't like the sentiment around "If I Was A Boy", I blogged about it ages ago. But then I'm hate gender stereotypes, and felt that song was full of them! My partner saw Beyonce live recently, and said she wasn't all that great.

    My favourite from D Child was always, and still is, Kelly Rowland.

  4. I do agree .. it was full of them.. but to be honest, I am guilty of that at times!. I was tempted to go and see her as she has a tour coming up at the O2, but I then heard tickets were about £100 if you want to get closer.. £50 for a dot of a view.. so I think I'll pass on that. Like you though.. my favourite D.C member has always been Kelly.
    What do you make of B's new album.? the videos iv seen so far I've not really enjoyed. Early days yet and I haven't heard all the tracks to be fair.

  5. I think most people are guilty of gender stereotyping to be honest, but as I'm transgender I tend to be hyper sensitive to anything connected to gender.

    I really haven't listened to much of B's new album, I've seen a couple of videos but she really just doesn't interest me much.

    Do you like Ariana Grande? I know she's still young but I love her voice. If you like the Mariah Carey stye vocals.

  6. I've not heard of Ariana Grande - will check her out now...

  7. The Way is a great song I think.

  8. Checked her out and yes.. The Way I like.. nice voice.. reminds me of early Mariah a bit. I think I recognize the tune..trying to remember the original

  9. Yeah she's very like early Mariah. Her whole album is good. I think she has a great vocal range. I think The Way is an original song but it has a piano sample from an old track called "A Little Bit of Love".

  10. Ahh..It must be the sample I recognize.. thanks Joe!
    Songs nice