Wednesday 5 April 2017

Mid week musings ft Turbulence - Jah Is The Only Way

Turbulence continues to grow in strength as an artist. The depth of feeling evident in his songs.. the yearning in his voice, reminiscent of Jah Cure perhaps.. only it's... well.. uniquely Turbulence.

Lovely lovely song

So what's this I hear?...ex Mayor Ken Livingston has been suspended from the Labour Party?.
It's said that the two topics people should stay away from at dinner party's are religion and politics. Not sure why... both are sure to liven proceedings no end.

Seriously though Ken Livingston should know that he cannot make certain remarks (unless it meets with the satisfaction of those who take a certain position) and expect them to be taken lightly.
He knows the establishment better than most, so I'm assuming he really isn't too fussed what they do
He has stated his opinion, and that's that.

How are the currently seemingly unelectable in a general election Labour Party doing anyway?
Currently not strong in opposition is my view.
Even I'm a little tired of the politricks right now..

Make no mistake, I love it, but I'm yet to work out how progress can be made if people aren't able to be thier auntentic selves.
We the British tend to prefer masking the truth with protocol... when I suspect there are times that the 'honourable members really feel like saying
wtf is this shite?...sit yo lying ass down

But that wouldn't be polite

I hadn't seen ex Labour leader Ed Miliband for awhile
Here he is speaking on Sundays Andrew Marr (minus Andrew Marr)

Here Is the current Labour leader speaking with the man himself.. Andrew Marr.

There is an ever increasing trend of the expoliation of migrant workers, and workers globally. difficult to tackle unless the focus moves from a demand for excess profits to an emphasis on fairness and the well being of the workers.


Turbulence again... this time on the joys of oral
Not for him it!! ( apparently .. he doesn't even kiss.. what he say?.. breast? lawd, he's too much)
This track made me laugh out loud on the journey home. Funny guy.
Turbulence.. I prefer you on one drop tunes singing about love...

Riddim track's pretty cool though..

Night night...

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