Wednesday 19 April 2017

When boys become men..

Its a gradual process, yet seem to happen in the blink of an eye..

My eldest...

Happy Birthday Son!

His fav Wizkid track...

No baking until Saturday now though...

Happy birthing day for me too...
Great day
..and as a mum...I've done my best

I will never forget the day I returned home with him... that feeling of 100% responsibility, the strength of love and complete and innate desire to protect
We've grown together.. we all have
Thank god for the blessings.. I am truly grateful!

It's often said that we choose our parents.. we choose based on our souls desire to experience certain things in life... the people we choose to become..
One day I will ask him... did you choose well..?

..but not today :)


  1. happy b'day to the big man. wow! if I didn't know you I'd be like nah, that can't be your son, like, how old are you? :)) dhl a slice of the cake

  2. Thanks C.
    The experience is there :)
    Cake don bake and beautiful

  3. Your son is a handsome guy and I agree with Chrome, you don't look old enough to have a child that age!