Monday 21 December 2015

1st day of break from work and It's holiday time..

Is 3.30pm too early be enjoying Irish cream?
Oh well.. too late now
I'm on leave now and have spent an incredible day doing very little..

Wow.. It's amazing just how accustomed your body becomes to the 9-5. Take that away and it's all change again. late bath, and hours ahead of you to do whatever you please.
Final Christmas shopping I'l try do tomorrow. Pick up those last bit and bibs for the nearest and dearest.. before settling back into chill out
But today?.. that was about doing nothing

Christmas time is such a mixed bag isn't it, especially with a new year around the corner

Many of us collect all our emotions, reflections, hopes dreams and throw them into a pot
Mix well.. and see what we're left with

New year - all change.
Lots has changed in my world
Public and private. change is change

Change is cool. f**k it, I'm okay with it. It's no longer as scary as it used to be...just part of the course.
Music wise, the best reggae music offerings still go to those who truly incorporate musicians in the process.
Cant beat a great bass player.. guitarist, keyboard player, and the like

Respect to all music producers anyway.,. doing a great job and keep revising refreshing, and holding strong. Where would I be without you?...

Old and new,

So.. I've decided to host Christmas dinner at home with the fam.
I wont be doing what I've done for the past 20 odd years. I wont be going to mum.
Love her, will miss her company, but it's too much.
All change. as I said .. change is change
It may seem selfish but I'm staying home. I'll cook/host. I'll do it my way
Nuff said on that matter.
Mum doesn't leave her home on Christmas day because of the house fire I spoke about awhile back one past Christmas eve.
I understand
So I know already she wont come to me. I'll ask but not expect too much.
Still... stranger things have happened, Maybe we will eat together, despite my pessimism.
No big deal.

Bless my children. Without them?... I tell you....
They make my day. If it wasn't for them all.. I'd probably curl up and hibernate somewhere.. til new year at least

But they're doing well.. I'm proud of them all.
They remind me of me. Just... better.

This isn't my musical review of the year ( yet) but I can say now that my reggae artist of the year is probably Jah Vinci

I guess it's a sneak preview of it

No one seems to tier of this song version.. I don't blame them either...
For awhile now it's remained the most viewed/played on this blog

I love Taurus Riley.. good artist, but he has been very inconsistent this year

Hoping for good news for everyone next year though..
Those who need it most

Strangest thing just happened - I decided to switch my phone off.


  1. Enjoy your Christmas break! It will be fun to host your own Christmas this year. And no, 3:30 pm is NOT too early for Irish Cream. Any time of the day is just fine for that!

  2. Indeed Debra!. yes, I'm starting to enjoy :)
    Enjoy yours too