Sunday 27 December 2015

Chris Brown - Autumn Leaves

It's early perhaps to be considering my song of the year, and especially considering that it really has been a year filled with wonderful music..
However... this song, will always hold the most meaning for me
It holds very special memories,and each time I hear it.. I'm transported back to a particular place, at a special moment in time

It may come as a surprise to some, that my song of the year goes to....

Chris Brown ft Kendrick Lamar

Autumn Leaves


Choose love. she said

Whatever happens


Those words made me think about the things we have power to change, and the things we seemingly don't
Thing is.. we don't always know
But I guess if we choose love.. if it's coming from a good place... chances are.. whether we know it or not...
we can make a difference somewhere.. however small


Choose hope, over fear.. she said

Your deepest fears can be overcome..
If you knew for sure that your freedom lay at the other side of those fears... would you then feel more courageous ?

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