Sunday 6 December 2015

The very hungry tree...

You gotta be kiddin' me

So... I ordered the 'black tree'... as suggested by Ti...
I thought i was getting a good deal as it stated 'lights included'...
Ooo yipppeee.. less hastle...

This is what I got...
This is it...

straight outa compt... I mean .. the box..
Please don't laugh too hard!

I seriously don't know what to do with such a hungry looking tree!
Feed it borbles?

I dare say if I buy some silver decorations it could look pretty nifty.. teeny.. but okay

It's tall and slim.. ( like its mama)...
But It looks about 1000 years old!.. ( not like mama) ( well it looks new but just so darn scanty!)
Na backside A class photography o.. it looked fine in the picture
* kiss teeth and roll eyes*

Ti laughed hard when he saw it

I told him it was his fault and to get the old tree out of the cupboard..
he hasn't done it yet, so for now... it's me watching 'Pride and Prejudice' ( for the 50th time I suspect) ... with one hungry looking tree..

Ive deceided to name it

I was gonna call it Kagame, (slim) but he's my least favourite leader (scary looking fella)...
so .. for now I'll call it Sudan
just because....
Well....the wine has kicked in tbh...

Early dinner and all that

You know what... maybe this year we should just get a real tree


aside note.. Mr Collins is the funniest character in P and p I reckon.. makes me laugh every time

Who at the depot been eating my treeeee!


  1. That tree has no hips! LOL. Maybe a big garland would help?

  2. lol!! you're right Debra! hips no bottom.. nothin'
    A big garland?... something must be done...

  3. That is one lean tree! Maybe it would look better in a really small space? What did it look like in the picture?

    1. Better fed!. May put it in the passage/hallway. Make it a nice greeting. In a smaller space as you say. If I can be 'arsed' that is..

  4. Ha ha, did you get from Poundland? :D No, Aldi then?

  5. I forgot to respond to this cheeky comment lol!.
    No... and am seriously not telling you!. Ti guessed the price immediately then said.. you're so cheap, what did you expect? lol!
    I bet I could have got a fuller one from Lidl though. Anyway, update is..I jazzed it up a bit.. not looking so hungry now :)