Tuesday 22 December 2015

Burn a hole in my pocket traps and red silly hats

Now I can see why people have been asking me if I'm off to Siberia..
Funny thing is.. it was quite mild out today.

Westfield wasn't too busy in the morning. I had a plan, then Ti said.. 'Oh go to Westfield don't be lazy, nobody does Christmas shopping in Dalston'!
Well.. I spent twice as much for the pleasure. It was fun though.. so many lovely clothes I would have bought if i was buying for myself...

I did manage to pick up a little something special for myself though. ( which I wont be modelling on the blog.. if you know what I mean..)

Anyway, after an hour or two I was ready to go. There where some things I simply couldn't get there so I had another trip to make. Got bored of all the glitz and buy me now attractions

So, that's that
Since then its been food, drink, 'only fools and horses'..a fed and growing tree, mens boxers and a silly red hat...


  1. There's a lot of fur hats like that here in Canada too! Siberia doesn't have ALL the fun.

  2. Mild but windy and wet here! Love both photos of you! You were very brave going to Westfield I've done all my shopping online!

  3. I left it later to shop online..got a few bits that way though.. brave is my middle name!. Ok, maybe not..oh and tnx btw