Wednesday 16 December 2015

Robert Mugabe - on People of the South [2013]. Interview with Dali Tambo

So I'm back to my research and study of Robert Mugabe

I missed this at the time but heard about it via a ( more recent) guardian article. I'm intrigued by this. It's quite an interesting interview and provides an insight into Mr R G Mugabe, the man.
A flawed man ( aren't we all) in some respects depending on your views...
but a man nonetheless
With the passing of time, history will probably refer to him as Zimbabwe's greatest leader... rightly or wrongly. (Of course It may depend of with side of the political fence you sit)
However, If not referred to as Zimbabwe's greatest leader, certainly the most influential and world renown.
It will be impossible to deny his role as anti colonial freedom fighter

A few 'Mugabe's' show up here
the revolutionary
the strategist
the son
the politician
the man
the husband

( the politician and strategist sitting easiest with me.. at least .. I feel understand the most )

when asked how, rather what, he would like to the legacy of Robert Mugabe to be in the minds of his own people

He replies....

'There was once a man called Robert Mugabe , who in the interest of his own people, formed a struggle to liberate them, and ideas ownership of resources for his own people and fact that people should be righted, should remain revolutionary going against colonial and imperial powers that seek to undermine the authority governments and what it desired right up to the end, that is that people should be masters of their own destiny...and that is all
I don't desire to be known as anything better than that... and I think that is very great if I was given that recognition, purely that, and I think that is the only recognition all nationalist leaders would want.
The issue of having been a great man or glory to the books.. I just remain a simple man, one of my own.. out of my society, and that is all'

2 years is a long time in politics.. ( and this may be even older as I don't have the exact interview date) but interviews like this I find worth retaining, and this one attempts to cover more personal and less talked about issues.


On Grace
( of whom I know little) but am increasingly hearing more and more about...

The interviewer Dali makes me laugh a little at first a he try's to illicit that 'girly flirty gossip'.. 'Grace.. ( he prompts..) he likes you..'
He lends an air of romance to what may have been in reality.. well.. not very romantic at all under the circumstances
Who knows
I like his style in places

The dinner table talk is a highlight

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