Sunday 6 December 2015

Whatsapp smiley etiquette

Is there such a thing as smiley etiquette?

You see.. I received a message from a old time somebody. who after the hello how you doing.. and eventual goodbye, changed their profile pic to a picture of my bro...
I found it a bit unsettling at first but then just said.. 'happier times' .. to which the response was yes.. with 4 smiley faces.. big ones!

Anyway.. it was changed within minutes thankfully ( can't tell people what to do) so no worries..
I checked our convo to see if maybe I was overreacting.. and every message sent was accompanied by the said 4 smiley faces, so I guess they were just really happy for the contact, and not meaning to be inappropriate at all


Whatsapp etiquette....
How do you fair?

What's that?.. just lost your wallet?

Hmmm.. what's that you say?.. wife/hubby home alone for the weekend?

No... you look great in that dress

Yes.. you're making perfect sense.. I totally get you

Ssh.. I think there's doing it next door..!

Yeah.. gotta love em...

Have a lovely evening.. luv ya


  1. When I buy things from China they always respond with large lovey dovey smilies which I find weird and call me their friend. :D

  2. The ..pleasure doing business with ya smile perhaps..thank you come again!. Either that or they just really happy :( Oops I mean :))