Monday, 29 October 2012

Big families are us...

The governments 'unofficial' 2 children limit on families?
Thinking about it, I can see the argument from both sides, but it’s an uncomfortable proposal. (for me)

From my experience, women/people have children for a number of reasons, but I don’t think they do so consciously thinking... I can do so as the state will pay... or rather - 'let the state pay'.

The reasons I’m familiar with include
A natural desire to reproduce/have/raise a family
‘accidentally’ getting pregnant and deciding to keep the baby and be a mother/parent
And of course.. falling in lurve.. and a desire to create life with the one you love and see yourselves and your love reflected in your creation.

When we begin to put a price on life it gets murky.
So how far should the state intervene in family life choices?
It's difficult as there are times when the state has to get involved, and in those situations we understand and appreciate it, especially when the outcome is positive.. but can 'it'go too far.. and how far is too far?


  1. too far. you only have to look at places like China and India to know state intervention can have a some dire consequences, especially where there are strong cultural pressures on women to have boys. it comes like playing Jamaican roulette.

    might be a thing of the past soon though, I recently read about new genetic procedures that let a couple choose the sex

  2. That's interesting Chrome.
    Do you think that a couple should be able to choose the sex of a child?. Do you not think that's interfering in nature too far also?.. but then contraceptives interfere with nature everyday. If I could choose? hmmmm.
    Dont think I would
    I've known of families that have had over 6 boys .. then finally a girl.. or visa versa. They kept trying, and I'm sure they don't regret any of the children at all ( I hope) But yes, there is a lot of pressure in some cultures to have boys.. maybe the culture could/should/may change?
    Pressure on a woman to do something she has no control over

  3. no question, interfering with nature's selection process is very dangerous for the balance of the planet. try telling that to secretive government and big corporate scientists. there are also people driven to desperation who will try their own "unnatural" selection methods. When my brother started work at north middlesex hospital he was "unofficially" advised to desist from disclosing the sex to Asian families cos of their penchant for aborting female foetus. sounded mad when he told me this but the stats are there. these people are so short term they don't realize the consequences of their actions. In some parts of china there are so few women that the young men have to move to neighbouring cities to find wives.

  4. I only have two children, but if I wanted to have more and I could afford it (and I can), then I should be able to have more.

    Fortunately though, these two children are currently kicking my ass....so I'll take the zero on more.

  5. Yes Reggie.. children have been known to do that at times...